• The CreepyPasta: Jeff The Killer

    A teenager who, following facial injuries that have severely disfigured after protecting his brother, has developed murder desires to become a serial killer.


    Jeff The Killer is the villain holds CREEPYPASTA stories of the same name. It was originally a young latent psychopath who brutally beat a trio of tyrants, Randy, Keith and Troy, who had taken him and his brother Liu in the city where they had to move. Liu was arrested, prompting Jeff into a depression. Later, the attackers again attacked Jeff at a party, Jeff and killed them all three, but during his act, he took water and bleach is accidentally lit a fire, its endomageant body. During this struggle, the spirit of Jeff was definitely worried.


    When Jeff woke up he was in a hospital. When the bandages were removed, he found he's face pale and disfigured by burns, bright red lips and a leathery texture. Jeff said he liked he's face this way and laughed hysterically, but the doctor stupidly thought that this madness was the result painkillers and let Jeff and his family (including Liu, who was released ) to go home.


    Later that night, Jeff's mother found that he had carved on he's face a constant smile, so he would not have to exert effort to smile, as he says, and burned his eyelids so he can still see his face.

    Jeff's mother went to see her husband to tell him that his son had become crazy and needed to be cared for, but Jeff caught them  and stabbed them to death. The death of the parents woke Liu, who had faced his brother but to no avail. Liu was on earth, with Jeff that stood above his brother, telling him he was about to plunge the knife into his body, "Just go to sleep."


    Some time later, an "unknown killer" emerged and made a series of murders. A boy who was lucky to survive the attacks of the killer described the man as having inhumanly pale skin, a hideous smile and dark eyes, threatening, permanently open. When he tried to kill the boy, he said:


    "Go to sleep".

    The CreepyPasta: Jeff The Killer -By The Crypt

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    Wednesday 25th November 2015 at 22:19

    Thank you for the "atocious" choice of the picture aww The story is really more than scary!!

    I think I will have nightmares for a long time.


      • Thursday 26th November 2015 at 17:06

        Haha thanks :D 

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